Kernel 3.18.22 LTS Brings Fixes

As a reminder, Kernel 3.18 is a LTS (long term release) version and gets constantly updated, receiving security patches and stability enhancements. Kernel 3.18.22 LTS has been recently released, bringing fixes only. Installation instructions: Compiling a Linux kernel is a

Kernel 4.2.3 Has Been Released. Install It On Your Ubuntu System Now!

Kernel 4.2.2 has been released, bringing changes and new features. Installation instructions: Compiling a Linux kernel is a little difficult and takes some time, but the Ubuntu (and derivative) users do not have to worry about that, because Canonical provides

Kernel 4.1.10 Has Been Released

Greg Kroah-Hartman has released Kernel 4.1.10 LTS. Like usual, it brings file system enhancements (Btrfs, EXT4, CIFS, NFS, HFS, HFS+, eCryptfs, and JBD2), architecture optimizations (ARM, ARM64, MIPS, PowerPC (PPC), s390, M32R, PA-RISC, UniCore-32, x86 hardware architectures) and support for

How To Install Kernel 4.3 RC4 4 on Ubuntu Systems

Kernel 4.3 RC3 has been recently released by Linus Torvalds. The official announcement: So as usual, rc3 is actually bigger than rc2 (fixes are starting to trickle in), but nothing particularly alarming stands out. Everything looks normal: the bulk is

SMPlayer 15.9 Brings Changes And Fixes

As you may know, SMPlayer is a front-end for MPlayer, having support for video, DVD and VCD playback, has some advanced features like support for MPlayer filters and keeps track of the settings of all the played files, resuming a

How To Install Kernel 4.2.2 on CentOS 7, Via Repository

Kernel 4.2.2 has been released, bringing improvements for the ARM64, PowerPC (PPC), ARM, H8/300, M32R, MIPS, PA-RISC, s390, unicore32 and x86 architectures, updates for the Btrfs, CIFS, eCryptfs, EXT4, HFS, HFS+, JBD2 and NFS filesystems and a bunch of other

The First Ubuntu Convergent Phone Will Be Released In 2016

As you may already know, Canonical has been working a lot lately at Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Touch, Mir, Unity and convergence. Recently, Canonical’s Pat McGowan has announced that the first Ubuntu-convergent mobile phone will be released in 2016, the vendor

Git 2.6 Brings A Lot Of New Features And Fixes

Git is an open-source revision control system, developed by Linus Torvalds, providing a big number of features and an intuitive syntax. It is used a lot by the developers that want to share their code with others. The latest version

How To Install Pragha 1.3.3 on Ubuntu 15.10 And Ubuntu 15.04 Systems

As you may know, Pragha is an open-source lightweight music player developed in GTK+ and having a simple interface. Among others, it has support for the most popular audio formats, uses SQLite for its music database and a twin-panel design,

Laptop Mode Tools 1.68.1 Is Available For Ubuntu 15.04 And Ubuntu 14.04 Via PPA

As you may know, Laptop Mode Tools is an application that enables the users to extend their battery life by enabling the Laptop Mode Linux Kernel and doing a bunch other tweaks. The latest version available is Laptop Mode Tools