A Demo Video Of Elementary OS 0.3 Isis Has Been Released

Hello Linux Geeksters. As you may know, Elementary OS 0.3 Isis, based on Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr LTS is the next version of the already popular Elementary OS 0.2. While few things are known about Elementary OS 0.3, a demo video has been released, tested on a MacBook Air using EFI.

This is what we can notice, from the video:

  • it comes with a new bootsplash (booted in about 10 seconds)
  • the wing panel has been updated – the black bar underneath the wing panel stays hidden, unless it is needed. also, the opacity of the bar gets automatically adjusted, while it gets black when the windows get full screened
  • the switch board has been also updated – now it looks better, got new icons, and the toggle between menus behaves flawless
  • gala and slingshot have been updated
  • Noise has been also updated and now it runs out of the box
  • the maya-calendar got updated and will get support for online syncing
  • files (the default file manager) has also received enhancements, getting a big header bar, replacing the title bar and the buttons
  • the latest version of Midori has been installed by default

Due to the fact that the Elementary OS systems are based on LTS versions of Ubuntu, they really stability. And most probably, they are the most beautiful Linux systems ever created.

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