A Preview Version Of Tweetian Is Now Available For Jolla’s Sailfish OS

Hello Jolla and Sailfish OS Enthusiasts. Due to the fact that Sailfish OS does not have a native Twitter client, the Jolla engineers are porting Tweetian, Nokia’s good old Twitter client for Symbian.

A Preview Version Of Tweetian Is Now Available For Jolla's Sailfish OS

For now, it is available only as a preview version so many functions are not implemented yet. It will not be added to the Jolla Store until it will reach a stable version.

Follow the above instructions exactly, in order to get Tweetian on your Jolla:

  • Download the app from dropbox
  • Switch to Developer Mode (type: devel-su and fill in the user’s password) and start a terminal
  • Go to the downloads directory: cd /home/nemo/Downloads
  • Install Tweetian: pkcon install-local tweetian-1.8.2-1.armv7hl.rpm

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