Antergos Has Received An Enhanced Installer

As you may know, Antergos is an Arch Linux-based, rolling release Linux system.

Recently, the developers have announced that the Cnchi installer has received important improvements, helping the regular users to install the system.

The name Cnchi comes from Cinnarch Installer, Antergos being previously known as Cinnarah. At first, Cinnarch has been an Arch Linux fork that used Cinnamon as the default DE, but after the rename, the developers have adopted more desktop environments: Cinnamon, GNOME, KDE 4, MATE, Openbox, and Xfce

The official announcement:

“We are pleased to announce the release of Cnchi v0.10 as the new stable version of our installer. As always, we put great effort into squashing bugs and improving code quality. One other area of focus during this development cycle was making Cnchi more reliable. To that end, Cnchi‚Äôs download module received what basically amounts to a total rewrite,”

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