Elementary OS’s Pantheon Desktop May Become Available On Fedora Systems, Starting With Fedora 22

Hello Linux Geeksters. The Fedora developers are thinking at porting Elementary OS’s Pantheon Desktop to Fedora. If this happens, Pantheon will be available via the default repositories of Fedora, starting with Fedora 22, which will be released next year.

Elementary OS's Pantheon Desktop May Become Available For Fedora Systems, Starting With Fedora 22

If this gets done, it will be a real benefit for both Fedora and the Fedora enthusiasts, because Pantheon became very popular among the lightweight desktop environments.

Also worth mentioning, Pantheon is already installable on Gentoo, it will be soon available for Arch Linux as well and the Elementary OS developers are working at bringing it to Debian systems.

For those who don’t know yet, Pantheon Desktop is a lightweight desktop environment developed in Vala and GTK3, being available by default on Elementary OS. It provides a dockbar, its customized version of Nautilus, the Wingpanel and many other things that make Elementary OS beautiful.

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2 comments on “Elementary OS’s Pantheon Desktop May Become Available On Fedora Systems, Starting With Fedora 22
  1. Ben says:

    Having run ElementaryOS for an extended amount of time (6 months or so, e.g. enough time to get a real feel for it) this surprises me. I would never have considered it stable or full-featured enough to think “Gee, why aren’t other distros packaging this up for themselves!”

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