How to Uninstall LibreOffice from Debian based distros

If you have installed a pre-released version of LibreOffice and you get errors, or you simply want to remove LibreOffice to replace it with OpenOffice, or you got bored of your secretary work and you don’t want LibreOffice anymore, this is the correct method of uninstalling LibreOffice:

This command will remove all the LibreOffice and LibreOffice asociated files from your system.

$ sudo apt-get remove --purge libreoffice*
$ sudo apt-get clean
$ sudo apt-get autoremove

This method works for all the Debian based Linux distributions, such as: Ubuntu, Knoppix, Linux Mint, Damn Small Linux, Crunchbag.

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5 comments on “How to Uninstall LibreOffice from Debian based distros
  1. What exactly is the line:
    $ sudo apt-get autoremove

    It showed my a lot of remove commands of which not all looked to relate to Libreoffice.

    • Geekster says:

      it removes all the packages that have been installed with others as dependencies,but are not needed anymore.

      • Yohan R. says:

        When I did “sudo apt-get autoremove”, a lot of packages where removed such as “network-manager”, “transmission”…

        I had to manually reconfigure networking to reinstall network manager!

        WHY ?

        Sorry if I made mistakes, I’m a french linux newbie 😀

        • Geekster says:

          reinstall both network-manager and transmission with the above command:

          $ sudo apt-get install network-manager transmission

  2. samer says:

    thanks a lot , autoremove released about 560MB since am a newbie on linux and install and remove a lot of things.

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