Linux News: AMD And Nvidia Announced Their Support For SteamOS

After the official announcement of SteamOS, a brand new open-source gaming Linux system developed by Valve, the major graphics developers AMD and Nvidia have also announced their support for SteamOS.

Linux News: AMD And Nvidia Announced Their Support For SteamOS

AMD has been really present in the Linux community, since they develop both open source Linux drivers for their hardware and Kernel patches, in order to help the Linux developers get good support for the ATI Radeon graphics cards.

Nvidia provides only basic support for their hardware on Linux and since they produce closed source drivers, the Linux enthusiasts are not big fans of the Nvidia products.

But Nvidia has a good relationship with Valve and they have been bringing popular Windows games on Linux via Steam, so this could turn into something good for both the SteamOS / the Steam Machine and the two graphics card developers.

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