New Wayland Improvements Have Been Added To Gnome 3.10

As the days past, the Gnome developers get closer to fully supporting Wayland on their Gnome desktop environment.

New Wayland Improvements Have Been Added To Gnome 3.10

A while ago, the developers built Gnome Shell in two separate binaries, one for X11 (libgnome-shell) and one for Wayland (libgnome-shell-wayland). Mutter, the default window manager of Gnome Shell will also use libmutter for X11 and libmutter-wayland.

Now they have introduced a desktop file for the GNOME Shell, to add Wayland support under the gnome-session. It autostarts GNOME Shell and Mutter running on Wayland.

Full Wayland support should be added to Fedora 20, allowing the users to choose to run Wayland from the GDM screen.

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