How To Install Xombrero 1.6.4 (Minimalist Web Browser) On Ubuntu And Arch Linux

As you may know, Xombrero is an open-source, lightweight, minimalist, web browser, developed in GTK+3 and based on the Webkit engine. It has been designed for the users that prefer command-line interface over the GUI and has a command mode

Jolla Cannot Ship Tablets To All Their Backers, But Will Reward The Unlucky Fans

As you may know, Jolla is a company formed from ex-Nokia employees, the developers that were responsible of the Linux-based Nemo, MeeGo and Maemo operating systems. Until know, they have released a single version of the Jolla phone, running Sailfish

How To Install Picapy 2.1.2 On Ubuntu 15.10, Ubuntu 14.04 And Derivative Systems

As you may know, Picapy is a nice application for managing and uploading PicasaWeb images, enabling the users to easily upload more than one image at once, delete them or get the URLs. The latest version available is Picapy 2.1.2,

Install FrostWire 6.1.9 On 64 Bit Systems Using RPM Or DEB Packages

As you may know, FrostWire is a free, open-source, cross-platform BitTorrent application, running on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. The latest version available is FrostWire 6.1.9, which brings the below changes: New jlibtorrent Shared maglnk url shortening not done with

Deepin 15, Based On Debian Testing, Has Been Released On December 31

As you may already know, Deepin is a free and open-source Linux distribution specially created as an alternative for Ubuntu Kylin, for the Chinese people. The system uses Deepin DE, a GTK-based desktop environment developed by the Deepin team. The

Otter Browser 0.9.09 (Opera 12-Like Browser) Brings New Features And Changes

As you may know, the Otter Browser is an open source lightweight internet browser, similar to the good old Opera 12 Browser, with a interface developed in Qt5 and WebKit. The latest version available is Otter Browser 0.9.09, which has

Unity 8 Will Permit The Users To Swipe Between Apps While In Full Screen

As you may know, Canonical has worked a lot at Unity 8, which is currently used by default only on Ubuntu Touch, which comes pre-installed on Bq Aquaris E5, Bq Aquaris E4.5 and Meizu MX4. For now, Unity 8 is

The Steam Beta Client Has Received New Steam Controller Improvements

As you may know, Valve has decided to conquer your living room with their Steam Machines, which are Linux-based gaming consoles that run SteamOS and the Steam Controller, which is the first remote control that can be used to play

MATE Desktop Has Been Spotted On Ubuntu Touch

As you may know, Ubuntu MATE is the newest member of the Ubuntu family. In the below video, Martin Wimpress, the main MATE developer has demoed the MATE DE running on a Meizu MX4 smartphone with Ubuntu Touch. The system

How To Install Webmin 1.7.80 on Linux Systems

As you may know, Webmin is a browser-based configuration tool for Linux systems. By using it, you can easily manage user accounts, disk quotas, services, configuration files, manage Apache servers, DNS, file sharing and other things. It is quite a

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