Canonical’s Dustin Kirkland Thinks That There Are Over 1 Billion Ubuntu Users

Dustin Kirkland, which is the leader of the Ubuntu Product and Strategy team has announced that probably more than 1 billion users use Ubuntu, if we count everybody that uses Ubuntu, Ubuntu Touch, Ubuntu server or other versions of the

How To Install Extra Wallpapers On Fedora 23

Probably all the Linux systems are released with a set of default wallpapers. For example, Canonical organizes a contest for each release, permitting the users to submit wallpapers. Also, Fedora includes a wallpaper pack, but this does not mean that

Canonical Suggests That Convergence Is Almost Ready

As you may know, Canonical is working hard at making Ubuntu the first convergent system on the market, meaning that the same system will be usable on both mobile devices and desktop computers, but the graphical design will behave different.

Fedora 24 Will Adopt GCC 6, Meaning That A Lot Of Packages Need To Be Recompiled

The Fedora developers have decided to adopt GCC 6 for Fedora 24, but this means that a lot of packages need to be recompiled. The official announcement: “GCC 6 is currently in stage3, will move to stage4 around mid-January, in

The Mir Display Server Has Received Initial Vulkan 3D API Support And New Features Specific To IoT

As you may know, Ubuntu is working a lot at Mir, their own display server specially created for Ubuntu Touch. They wanted to use Wayland and first, but in order to have more control over it, they preferred to create

Plop Linux 4.3.1 (System For Recovering Data From Damaged Hard Drivers) Has Been Released

As you may know, Plop Linux is a free and open-source operating system built from scratch, specially created for retrieving data from damaged hard drivers. Plop Linux system is small and can boot from CD/DVD/USB Flash Driver or network with

Tails OS 2.0 Beta 1 (OS Focused On Internet Privacy) Has Been Released

As you may know, Tails is a free and open-source operating system that provides the users an incognito live system, focused on keeping the user’s anonymity. The OS became famous because it has been used by Edward Snowden, an ex

Unity 7 For Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Will Permit The Users To Move The Unity Interface From The Left To The Bottom Of The Screen

As you may know, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS will be still using Unity 7, the same desktop environment as the previous Ubuntu releases, but each Ubuntu release adds new DE changes. Unity 8 will be also available on the next LTS

How To Install Deepin Music Player 14.12.1 On OpenSUSE Systems

As you may know, Deepin Music Player is a free, open-source music player which is used by default on Deepin, an Ubuntu derivative system specially created for the Chinese people. Among others, it has a customizable user interface, uses gstreamer

Canonical Is Patching Some Mir-Related Fixes For Ubuntu Touch

As a reminder, Canonical has recently released the Ubuntu Touch OTA-8.5 hotfix and is working at implementing new changes at the OTA-9 update, which is scheduled for release on January 2016. Right now, the Ubuntu developers are struggling to fix

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