How To Install And Use SShuttle (VPN-Like Software) On Ubuntu

As you may know, sshuttle is a python utility designed to help the regular users (non root users) to access remote servers via SSH. It behaves like a VPN and works as if it were a port-forwarding solution. According to

How To Install NVIDIA 355.11 On Ubuntu 15.04, Ubuntu 14.04 And Derivatives

As you may know, NVIDIA is the most popular GPU manufacturer. The NVIDIA 355.11 GPU driver has been released for Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris, coming with the below changes: Added support for the following GPUs: GeForce GTX 950, Quadro M4000,

Linux Lite 2.6 Has Been Released Today

Linux Lite 2.6 has been released today, using XFCE, Firefox 40.0.3 and LibreOffice 5.0.1 as default. It is based on the Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS Trusty Tahr and received a new Control Center application, permits the users to backup the system

A Canonical Developer Suggests A Non-Windowing Display Server To Provide More Flexibility

Canonical’s Joel Leclerc has proposed a non-windowing display server which could run with Wayland and Weston, in order to provide more flexibility and power to the OS. From the developer’s blog post: “It handles display-related things, such as drawing pixels

LXLE 14.04.3, Based On Lubuntu Trusty Has Been Released

LXLE 14.04.3 has been released today, being based on Lubuntu Trusty and bringing a bunch of interesting new features, including Xautolock and OpenSnap, among others. Also, it comes with SeaMonkey as default, it uses StartupDiskCreator and Gcalculator, as replacements for

DebEX KDE Is A Debian Jessie Derivative That Comes With Both KDE Plasma 5 And KDE 4.14.3

DebEX KDE is yet another interesting Debian Jessie derivative system, used an optimized version of KDE 4.1.3 and KDE 5 Plasma and KDE 4.14.3 as the default desktop environments. Also, it comes with the Nvidia 352.41 GPU driver by default,

How To Install ImagePlay 6.0 Beta 5 (Open Source Prototyping Tool For Testing Image Processing Algorithms) On Ubuntu 15.04 And Ubuntu 14.04 Systems

As you may know, ImagePlay is an open-source, rapid prototyping tool that permits the users to buld and test image processing algorithms. Among others, it has over 70 individual image processors which can be combined into complex process chains. The

Midori 0.5.11 Brings Fixes Only

As you may know, Midori is a lightweight web browser with full HTML5 and CSS3 support, used by default on the XFCE4 desktop environment and on Elementary OS systems. The latest version available is Midori 0.5.11, which has been recently

Ubuntu Touch OTA-7 Update Will Bring A Lot Of Bug-Fixes

As a reminder, Ubuntu Touch OTA-6 Update has been already released, the developers being focused on the OTA-7 Update, scheduled for release on the first week of October. While the changelog is not yet available, Ɓukasz Zemczak has announced that

You Can Now Install The Unity Game Engine On Your Ubuntu System

Not long ago, the Unity game engine has received native support for Linux, permitting the users to create apps and export them to other platforms. For now, Unity 5.1.0f3 Game Engine has been released, but it’s just an experimental version

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