Systemd Might Get Implemented By Default On Ubuntu Touch By The End Of The Month

Hello Linux Geeksters. As you may know, Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet uses systemd as the default init service manager, replacing Canonical’s Upstart (sysVinit on Debian).

But Ubuntu Touch RTM is still using Upstart as default (being still based on Ubuntu 14.10) and Canonical did not mention when the switch is scheduled to take place.

Systemd Might Get Implemented By Default On Ubuntu Touch By The End Of The Month

Martin Pitt, the man responsible for implementing systemd on Ubuntu desktop will do the same with Ubuntu Touch. This is what the developer said on G+:

“I started looking again into systemd-ifying Ubuntu Touch, after the first wave of porting that happened last fall (but only with the emulator). I installed systemd-sysv on my Nexus 4 (running Ubuntu Touch devel-proposed), and after two fairly simple fixes I now have enough stuff running to get unity8, mobile 3G data, telephony, and adb/phablet-shell. I don’t see large blockers with running systemd on the old 3.4 kernel; we don’t use firmware loading there, and even if we do need it for some reason it’s easy to put that back into an udev rule and helper,”

If everything goes well, systemd will get implemented on Ubuntu Touch starting with the arrival of OTA Update 4, which will become available by the end of the month, making the switch to Ubuntu 15.04 as code base.

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