The Next Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) Versions May Be Built Only On The Stable Versions Of Debian

Hello Linux Geeksters. As you may know, the Linux Mint developers have decided to use only the LTS versions of Ubuntu as code base, for their new operating systems, by creating only point releases, between two major releases.

Building Linux Mint 17.1 on the same code base as Linux Mint 17, the developers have more time for improving the already existing Linux Mint specific applications and implement newer desktop environments until 2016, while security fixes will be implemented five years from now.

Also, by creating point releases, the users will be able to easily get the latest updates (if the systems use the same code base) from the command-line, by performing regular system upgrades, or get the Linux Mint 17.x images, which already contain the latest versions of the packages.

The Next Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) Versions May Be Built Only On The Stable Versions Of Debian

Recently, the developers have announced that they plan to adopt the same strategy on the Linux Mint Debian Edition, by using only the stable Debian releases as code base for LMDE.

This way, Linux Mint and LMDE would be similar, by using the same versions of the applications. Also worth mentioning, Mate 1.8.1. RAR 5.0x and an updated version of Cinnamon will be soon available via the default repositories of Linux Mint 17.

If this change happens, the next Linux Mint Debian Edition will be based on Debian Jessie and so, it will be using systemd, instead of sysVinit.

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