Ubuntu 15.04 Is Codenamed “Vivid Vervet”

Hello Linux Geeksters. Mark Shuttleworth has officially announced that “Vivid Vervet” is the codename of the new Ubuntu 15.04, which will be released in April 2015.

Ubuntu 15.04 Will Be Called Vivid Vervet

From Mark Shuttleworth’s official post:

“Vexatious at times, volant and vogie at others, a vervet gets in anywhere and delights in teasing cats and dogs alike. As the upstart monkey in this business I can think of no better mascot. And so let’s launch our vicenary cycle, our verist varlet, the Vivid Vervet!”

As you may know, the codenames for Ubuntu systems follow a simple rule: they are formed by “Adjective Animal” and they go in alphabetical order. Example: P – Precise Pangolin, Q – Quantal Quetzal, R – Raring Ringtail, S – Saucy Salamander, T – Trusty Tahr, U – Utopic Unicorn and now, V – Vivid Vervet.

While it’s early to know what new features and improvements will be implemented Ubuntu 15.04 coming with, we know for sure that it will be using Unity 7 and X.org as default.

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