A Canonical Developer Suggests A Non-Windowing Display Server To Provide More Flexibility

Canonical’s Joel Leclerc has proposed a non-windowing display server which could run with Wayland and Weston, in order to provide more flexibility and power to the OS.

From the developer’s blog post:

“It handles display-related things, such as drawing pixels on the screen, changing video mode, etc. Wayland compositors and other programs that require direct access to the screen could then use this server and trust that the server will take care of everything display-related for them.”

As you may know, Wayland is a new display server similar to Canonical’s Mir, created by some of the Red Hat developers, to be used on Fedora and RHEL when it gets mature enough. Most likely, Wayland will be used by default on the Fedora 23 system.

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