A Demo Video Of Mozilla’s Firefox OS Running On Nexus 5 Has Been Created

Hello Firefox OS Enthusiasts. Firefox OS is a new Linux based mobile operating system, built by using the new HTML5 technology by the Mozilla developers. For now, it is used as default on smartphones with modest hardware specs, developed by LG, ZTE, Alcatel and Geeksphone, while Firefox and Spreadtrum are already working on a 50$ Firefox OS based phone.

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Despite the fact that the newest Firefox OS version available on devices is Firefox OS 1.3, a preview of Firefox OS 2.0 is already available and it looks quite awesome, for an OS targeting low-range and mid-range devices.

A Demo Video Of Mozilla's Firefox OS Running On Nexus 5 Has Been Created

A geek from SoftModder has created a demo video of Firefox OS running on the Google/LG Nexus 5, installed via MultiRom, by following the instructions in this tutorial.

Due to the fact that this is an unofficial port, the most important phone features (camera, wifi, simcard) don’t work. But the graphical user interface is pretty and gesture based. For more, see the below video for yourself.

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