A Hacker Is Building An Ubuntu-Based Autonomous Car In His Garage

George Hotz, a very skilled hacker that was the first to hack iPhone and PlayStation 3 is currently working at creating an autonomous car system that runs with Ubuntu.

Some automakers, like Google and Tesla are already working at autonomous cars, capable of taking decisions in traffic.

Mr. Hotz has enhanced a 2016 Acura ILX and added a Lidar (Light Detection And Ranging) on the roof, a 21.5 inch screen in the dashboard and a bunch of cameras around the car.

George thinks that he can do better than the automakers and most probably decided to use Ubuntu because it is open-source and stable enough.

As we can notice in the below screenshot, the hacker added a joystick to the car’s center console to trigger the self-driving system and placed a mini computing hub, a network switch and GPS sensors in the glove compartment.

George Hotz is still working at its system and estimates that a stable version will be released in the coming year. He plans to sell the entire setup with about $1.000, when the system becomes usable.


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