A New Steam Beta Client For Linux Has Been Released, Bringing New Steam Controller Fixes

As you may know, Valve has decided to conquer your living room with their Steam Machines, which are Linux-based gaming consoles that run SteamOS and the Steam Controller, which is the first remote control that can be used to play shooters like Counter Strike.

Valve has updated the Steam Beta client a lot lately, improving more and more changes for the Steam Controller and improvements for the In-Home Streaming function.

The Steam Machines are under user testing, along with the gaming remote control. The changelog:

Steam Controller:

  • Improved responsiveness and reliability of changing bindings or settings during gameplay
  • Fixed several instances of legacy local bindings not loading
  • Fixed changing bindings or settings during gameplay in Guest mode
  • Tagged legacy local bindings in configuration browser; these have now been migrated and can be deleted if migration was successful
  • Disabled Export dialog when in Guest mode

In-Home Streaming:

  • Added NVIDIA NVFBC encoder as a separate option under Advanced Host Settings in Big Picture mode
  • Added logic to retry any previously-failed encoding methods whenever a new game is launched
  • Added logic to fall back to software encoding when hardware encoding is being unreasonably slow
  • Temporarily reversed a previous change to the bitrate of games running below 60 FPS, due to an adverse impact on network latency
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