A Preview Version Of Tweetian Is Now Available For Jolla’s Sailfish OS

Hello Jolla and Sailfish OS Enthusiasts. Due to the fact that Sailfish OS does not have a native Twitter client, the Jolla engineers are porting Tweetian, Nokia’s good old Twitter client for Symbian.

A Preview Version Of Tweetian Is Now Available For Jolla's Sailfish OS

For now, it is available only as a preview version so many functions are not implemented yet. It will not be added to the Jolla Store until it will reach a stable version.

Follow the above instructions exactly, in order to get Tweetian on your Jolla:

  • Download the app from dropbox
  • Switch to Developer Mode (type: devel-su and fill in the user’s password) and start a terminal
  • Go to the downloads directory: cd /home/nemo/Downloads
  • Install Tweetian: pkcon install-local tweetian-1.8.2-1.armv7hl.rpm
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4 comments on “A Preview Version Of Tweetian Is Now Available For Jolla’s Sailfish OS
  1. P3Z says:

    what’s the password for devel-su?

  2. teun says:

    you can install external apps via jolla store…

    enable dev mode, open jolla store, swipe it to the background, download rpm file on your Jolla, go to settings, transevers, click on downloaded file, now go to jolla store (which has been running in background) it will open with the app card ready for you to confirm installation

  3. petaqui says:

    Thanks for the tutorial, but just a correction. In the part of cd/home/nemo/Downloads , add a space after “cd” or it will say that the directory doesn’t exists and some people won’t know where is the problem :S


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