A Snappy Build of the Ubuntu Desktop Next (i386 Only) Has Been Created

As you may already know, Canonical maintains the Ubuntu Desktop Next flavor of Ubuntu, an Ubuntu system that uses by default Unity 8 and Mir, the two being used only on Ubuntu Touch for now.

But Canonical has also adopted the Snappy package format on its Ubuntu Desktop Next flavor, currently available as a 32 bit system.

As we have previously written, the Snappy packages provide better security and fix the dependence handling problem, the .snap packages being bundled with all the needed dependencies that install locally.

Most likely the snappy packages will be available for regular usage starting with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, but it is quite a good thing that Canonical has started switching the Ubuntu to use .snaps.

The Snappy build of Ubuntu Desktop Next (not installable for now) can be downloaded from here.

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