A Third Party Developer Has Created An Awesome Radial Bottom Edge Menu For Ubuntu Touch

Hello Linux Geeksters. Nekhelesh Ramananthan, a third party developer has created a very beautiful Radial Bottom Edge Menu for Ubuntu Touch, which impressed even the Canonical developers.

The Radial Bottom Edge Menu is already available via the Ubuntu Component Store and installing it is easy, just do:

$ ucs install RadialBottomEdge

Also, the below video has been created, to demo the new concept:

The story so far:

Canonical has been working a lot at Ubuntu Touch, the mobile version of the Ubuntu system, lately. While all the new features are added to the dev-branch, the Ubuntu RTM branch receives only bug-fixes and is the developer’s main focus now, working hard to get it ready for daily usage in early 2015, when the first Ubuntu powered phones, developed by Meizu and Bq are scheduled for release.

For now, Ubuntu Touch RTM is officially supported only on Nexus 4, and uses Ubuntu 14.04 LTS as code base.

Being the younger mobile OS that whats to make a name for itself on the Linux-based mobile OS market, Ubuntu Touch needs all the apps it can get, in order to convince the it is worth switching from Android or iOS to Ubuntu Touch.

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