According To Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu Will Work With Both DEB and Snappy Packages

Canonical’s Mark Shuttleworth has announced that Ubuntu will not drop deb packages in favor of snappy ones, the Snappy Ubuntu Core being a container full of DEBs.

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Mark has announced that Canonical wants to make Ubuntu the perfect choice for cloud providers, offering OpenStack, LXD and KVM software, while live patching for the Kernel will be available starting with Ubuntu 15.10 Server.

On the desktop version, both DEB and Snappy packages will be available, the snappy ones being built out of the debs:

When asked if Snappy will replace DEB packaging in Ubuntu, Mark Shuttleworth revealed the fact that both of them will be available, as the way to collaborate with each other is through .deb packages. This means that Snappy packages can be created without first building DEBs.

“We build Snappy out of the built debs, so we can’t build Snappy unless we first build the deb,”

“Going forward every six months, we’re still gonna get an archive full of DEBs.”

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