After Debian Jessie Gets Stable, Kwheezy Will Change Its Name To Kebian

Hello Linux Geeksters. As you may know, Kwheezy is a Debian 7 Wheezy fork that uses KDE as the default desktop environment. While the name is very intuitive, making reference to both KDE and Wheezy, there will be a problem when Debian Jessie will become the stable Debian version, because the name will not match any more.

This may not be a final decision, but when Kwheezy will switch to Debian Jessie as a code base, the distribution will change its name to Kebian, a name which is similar to what Kubuntu represents for Ubuntu.

After Debian Jessie  Gets Stable, Kwheezy Will Be Change Its Name To Kebian

The latest version of the system (for now) is Kwheezy 1.5, which is based on Debian 7.4, uses KDE 4.8.4 as the default DE and Kernel 3.2, for stability reasons.

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4 comments on “After Debian Jessie Gets Stable, Kwheezy Will Change Its Name To Kebian
  1. xian says:

    How is kwheezy any different than an apt-get install kde on standard Debian? Why do I need an entire Wheezy fork for KDE?

    Recently the Debian KDE maintainers sent out a call for help with KDE packaging. It would be great if the kwheezy folks could assist so we could have a rocking KDE on Debian experience.

    • Geekster says:

      a normal Debian system contains other Desktop Enviroments then KDE, so when you do apt-get install kde you will still have the packages of the original DE. also, it most likely comes with special optimizations for KDE. i think.

  2. Andre Felipe says:

    Debian official preconfigured CD images has one for KDE, other for Gnome, other for XFCE, other for LXDE.
    Default is Gnome.
    Visit directory
    There are even “semi official” images already containing non-free firmware and drivers
    So, I guess could be better to help the Debian KDE packaging team. They always need qualified manpower.

  3. Andre Felipe says:

    Helping the Debian KDE packaging team could reduce distribution rework, for mutual benefit.
    Could even become an internal Pure Blend project or an external Blend project

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