An Ubuntu Developer Has Posted Canonical’s Convergence Roadmap

As you may already know, Canonical is currently active developing Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Touch, Snappy Ubuntu Core and Ubuntu Desktop Next.

Canonical’s Olli Ries has posted on his blog the roadmap for Ubuntu 16.04 and it looks like this:

An Ubuntu Developer Has Posted Canonical's Convergence Roadmap

In order to make Ubuntu the first mobile-desktop convergent system, Canonical is working at a new display server called Mir, is porting the Unity 8 interface, currently available on Ubuntu Touch, to Ubuntu desktop and created the snappy packages, which are enhanced click packages.

This is what the chart is about:

  • Ubuntu desktop –  the regular Ubuntu system
  • Ubuntu Touch – the mobile version of Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu Snappy Personal – regular Ubuntu + Snappy packages
  • Snappy Ubuntu Core – Ubuntu for the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Ubuntu Desktop Next – Ubuntu + Snappy packages + Mir + Unity 8

For more information about each element of the chart, see Olli’s blog post.

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