An Update Manager For Click Packages Has Been Developed By Canonical

Hello Linux Geeksters. Canonical has developed Click Update Manager, an update manager for the Click packages. Click Update Manager 0.1 has been added to the default repositories of Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander a while ago.

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It is still under development, but since it has been added to the Universe repository, it can be tested by the Ubuntu Saucy enthusiasts. Click Update Manager has a simple and pretty graphical interface, created in QML.

For those who don’t know, Canonical has developed the Click packages, a new packaging format aiming Ubuntu phones and tablets. They are not a replacement for the deb packages,

The click packages have the .click extension and can be installed via dpkg, but it is not recommended at all. They are somehow isolated, being capable of accessing only their directory and accesses only the features that the uses approved. Also, they can be easily build via the Ubuntu SDK.

Among others, the real benefits of the Click packages are the following:

  • they don’t depend of other apps
  • they can be installed in different directories, chosen by the users
  • very fast installation process
  • can be installed by normal users, not only by root

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