AndroVM: Run Android On Your Linux via Virtualbox

AndroVM is a Virtualbox Android Virtual Machine, that enables you to use Android on your Linux, Windows and Mac OS X system, via Virtualbox.

To install AndroVM, first you need Virtualbox. You can either follow one of this guides to install Virtualbox on your Linux system, or go to the virtualbox site, download Virtualbox for your Linux and install it by hand.

Next, download the AndroVM. There are different AndroVM versions:

vbox86tp emulates a version for tablet phone, vbox86p emulates a version phone and vbox86t emulates a version version for tablet. To test applications from Google Play, install vbox86p or vbox86tp.

Next, open Virtualbox and load the vbox86*.ova file that you have downloaded. To speed up the Android Management , go to the virtualbox settings and enable graphics acceleration.

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  1. Pipo says:

    The download links are Not anymore working 🙁

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