Antix 13.1 “Ludditude” Has Been Released + Download Links

AntiX 13.1 “Ludditude” has been released today. AntiX is based on Debian Testing, working on the both 32 bit and 64 bit architectures.

“The antiX team is pleased to announce the first update of antiX 13 (code name ‘Luddite’), based on Debian ‘Wheezy’.” Antix 13.1 Ludditude is ideal for old computers.

Antix 13.1

Minimum requirements:

  • 128 Mb of RAM
  • 128 Mb of swap memory
  • 2.2 GB disk space

Bugfixes and new features:

  • 64 bit kernel recompiled so non-free drivers will build in Wheezy.
  • 64 bit alert message when booting 32 bit iso fixed.
  • ‘ghost’ window fix in IceWM.
  • gui installer should write correct grub entries for any other installed OS.
  • gui installer should set correct keyboard.
  • more options to enable/disable services at boot.
  • added cdw and calcurse to IceWM menu.
  • fixed missing icons from IceWM menu.
  • gufw firewall configuration fixed.
  • permissions of antiX applications set to root:root.
  • extra /lib/modules directory removed from live initrd.gz.
  • more informative live /init error messages.
  • added French translation to antixsources application.
  • added double size xmms bugfix to xmms-plugins.
  • added more options to live fast boot cheats.

Download links:

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