As a Monthly Habit, Ubuntu MATE Donates Money Yet Again, This Time For TLP and the Mate Desktop

Ubuntu Mate donates money to TLP and Mate desktop.

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Ubuntu Mate, the newest member from the Ubuntu family, has create a habit from donating money (every month) to open-source projects, this time donating to the MATE desktop and TLP.

They do not earn too much money from donations, but they want to support other open-source projects that do not benefit from too much coverage. Until now, they have previously donated money for Debian, Ubuntu, Folder Coloer, Gufw, Tilda terminal emulator and Plank.

This is what Martin Wimpress announced on the Ubuntu Mate website:

“Ubuntu MATE is comprised of many Open Source projects, we recognise that. Each month that Ubuntu MATE has a surplus of funds we will make a contribution to an Open Source project that Ubuntu MATE directly benefits from. For May 2015, Ubuntu MATE have sponsored Thomas Kock, the lead developer of TLP. Also, we have donated half the download tips from May 2015, which we are pleased to say amounts to €288 ($323),”

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