AUR Gets Migrated to a Git-Based Platform, Systemd Gets Moved From FreeDesktop.Org to GitHub

The AUR repository gets migrated to a Git-based platform.

Starting with today and until the 8th of July, all the AUR (Arch User Repository) packages need to be migrated to a Git based platform, meaning that the package maintainers have to resubmit their packages to the website. The new, Git-based AUR, will become 100% active on the 8th of August, 2015.

Until the 8th of July, the package maintainers are the only ones available to resubmit the packages, but after the time frame passes, the maintainers will lose the ownership of the packages not uploaded to

The developers want to move systemd from to GitHub.

The systemd maintainers have created a GitHub mirror of the code of systemd and now they have decided to stick to GitHub permanently. This decision has been taken so that the users can benefit from GitHub’s superior features, compared to FD.o.

This is Davin Herrmann’s official announcement:

“In recent months, keeping up with the mailing-list has become more and more cumbersome, with many of us missing mails or unable to keep up with the traffic. To make sure all community requests and patches will get handled in time, we’re now trying out the github infrastructure.”

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