Blacklist (Disable) Floppy Driver in Ubuntu

Floppy disks are not used anymore, at least not at laptops, so a good thing is to disable the floppy module.

To do that, add floppy to the blacklist, unload the floppy module and update the initramsfs.

Like this:

$ echo "blacklist floppy" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-floppy.conf
$ sudo rmmod floppy
$ sudo update-initramfs -u

Also, instead of rmmod floppy, you can use modprobe -r floppy.

Now, your /dev/fd0 module is unloaded and this setting will persist even after reboot.

If you get errors because the floppy drive is mounded when you try unload it, edit (as root) the /dev/fd0 file and remove the /dev/fd0 line from it.

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2 comments on “Blacklist (Disable) Floppy Driver in Ubuntu
  1. James E. LaBarre says:

    And if you think you may have occasional need of the floppy (copying stuff OFF of old disks, patching/flashing older machines you may still need to support, etc), just HOW are you going to temporarily re-enable that floppy?

  2. LinuxER says:

    @ James:

    sudo rmmod floppy removes the floppy module instantly

    blacklisting floppy just tells the system not to load the floppy module at startup.

    to load floppy, type in your terminal
    sudo modprobe floppy.
    sudo update-initramfs -u

    If you don’t like modprobe, you can load floppy with sudo insmod /dev/fd0 . (the difference between modprobe and insmod is that modprobe needs only the module name, and insmod needs the path to the module.)

    sudo modprobe floppy will load the floppy module, but after the reboot, the floppy module will not be loaded at startup, because it is blacklisted.

    Hope this answers your question.

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