[Blog] LinuxG.net direction: Modern design, learning platform, more varied content, patreon based sponsorship

Hello guys,

Thank you all for supporting the work I do here on LinuxG.net, despite the fact that I have neglected the website a lot lately, but some of you are still present here.

While last month I was thinking at closing the site and not renewing the domain, I have had a change of hearth lately and decided to continue linuxing and to reinvent LinuxG.net. But I really need your help here. As you may have noticed, I have added a Patreon banner in the sidebar and plan to ditch Google Ads and the ugly media.net ones and to keep this website community (patreon-sponsored) powered only.

So, these are my plans for LinuxG.net, but I cannot promise you a timeline for all of this (and if I can manage to make all of this, due to the fact that I have a full day job and a personal project I am working on).

  • 5 articles a day minimum
  • implement a teaching platform and a test environment (don’t want to provide you more details yet)
  • create a tech ebook (will provide more info later)
  • implement a new and modern WordPress theme on LinuxG.net
  • implement disqus for comments
  • ditch Google Ads and Media.net adsĀ  completely and use only patreon
  • get enough patrons so I can invest in the infrastructure behind Linuxg (hosting, server for testing purposes)
  • expand the covered area – while the tractor will still be the How To Install articles, other type of articles should also populate the site
  • make monthly donations for open-source projects
  • provide the community a way to contribute with content and ideas
  • interact with the community via LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

If you want to support my initiative, please become a patreon. Please leave your opinion in the comments, if you feel like it.



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