Both Raspbian And NOOBS Installer Have Been Updated

A new version of Raspbian has been released yesterday, bringing some improvements.

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Among others, it comes with:

  • Sonic Pi preinstalled
  • performance improvements to Scratch
  • PyPy 2.1 installed by defauld
  • the needed python libraries for Pi-face preinstalled
  •  Oracle Java 7 installed by default

Both Raspbian And NOOBS Installer Have Been Updated

The new Raspbian image does not fix on a 2GB SD card anymore, so you will need to put it on a 4GB one, since the image itself uses 3GB. If you want to support the Raspberry Pi project, do not hesitate to buy 8GB SD cards with NOOBS preinstalled, for only 5 $.

Also, NOOBS (New Out Of the Box Software) has been updated to NOOBS v.1.3. For those who don’t know yet, NOOBS is an useful software, containing all the Raspberry Pi operating systems, in order to enable the users to easily choose which one to install on its Pi box.

Both Raspbian And NOOBS Installer Have Been Updated

NOOBS v1.3 comes with the following enhancements:

  • The ability to install multiple OSes on a single card.
  • Support for network installation of OSes from our repository.
  • Multiple “flavours” of Raspbian, including the ability to boot directly into Scratch.
  • Improved integration of language, keyboard and display settings between NOOBS and guest operating systems.

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