Budgie Remix 16.04 RC Has Been Released

As a reminder, Solus OS is a free, open-source Linux system built from scratch by Ikey Doherty. What’s interesting about it is the fact that it uses Budgie, a beautiful, very lightweight desktop environment built in GTK+.

Recently, David Mohammed decided to take the Budgie desktop and used it by default on Ubuntu, creating his own Ubuntu flavor named Budgie-Remix.

Right now, Budgie-Remix 16.04 RC has been released, but the developer is working hard to make Ubuntu Budgie an official flavor and release it along with the other systems from the Ubuntu family, starting with Ubuntu 16.10.

Among others, the RC version brings updates for the Ubiquity graphical installed slideshow and revised options of the installer, the clock applet on the panel has been centered, Plank has been added by default, along with GNOME Calendar, the pop-up notifications have been made visible to the end user, the Plymouth boot splash screen has been made to display Budgie-Remix, the Budgie Desktop logo has been added to the panel and the Vertex theme can be selected from the Raven notifications.

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