Canonical Created “RingTel” To Help The Phone Operators Easily Customize Ubuntu Touch

As a reminder, Ubuntu Touch 1.0 will be officially released on the 17th of October, the same day as the Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander Release.

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Canonica Created

In order to allow the mobile phone operators to customize Ubuntu Touch, Canonical has made a fake carrier called RingTel, which enables the ops to make the phone look like a device from RingTel, by installing the saucy-customized and saucy-proposed-customized channels. RingTel has testing purposes only, so it will not resemble anything like a shipping device.

The things that can be easily customized by the phone operators are:

  • Default wallpaper
  • Default ringtones
  • Additional applications
  • Additional scopes
  • Sample content
  • Additional fonts
  • Launcher icons reordering, added, removed

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