Canonical Has Created “The Ubuntu One Downloader Script”, That Allows The Users To Easily Download Their U1 Data, Before The Service Shutdown

Hello Linux Geeksters. As you may know, Canonical has announced a while ago that Ubuntu One will be closed starting with the 31st of July, 2014.

Mark Shuttleworth has announced that Canonical could not provide a storage service that could compete with Google Drive or Dropbox, so they have decided to drop the project.
Canonical Has Created

Canonical has created a script (available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X) that helps the users to download all their files from Ubuntu One, before the 31st of July, when everything will be deleted.

All you have to do to get the script is login to your Ubuntu One account, download and extract the script archive, cd to the extracted folder and run the u1_downloader script:

$ ./u1_downloader

Next, you have to enter your email and password and after that, the download will start.

Also worth mentioning, the Ubuntu One users can move their data via, without having to download them locally.

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