Canonical Has Started Working At Implementing The Click Packages On Ubuntu Desktop

Hello Linux Geeksters. As you may know, Canonical has already adopted the Click packages on its mobile platform, Ubuntu Touch and now the developers are working at bringing them to the desktop version of Ubuntu.

The best thing about the Click packages is that they do not require dependencies, dependencies being a big issues on all the Linux systems. Also, it is easier for the developers to pack their apps as click packages, via the Ubuntu SDK, instead of using the DEB packaging format.

A few years back there weren’t many repositories available, so the users had to compile the software from sources. And almost every time, the software has missing dependencies which needed to be downloaded and compiled so that the installation of the main software to succeed.

After that, the main Linux distributions started using DEB or RPM packages and the users were able to install them via the distro’s package manager, which is also capable to fetch dependencies from the available repositories, and everything became much easier.

While we don’t know when the Click packages will be ready for the Ubuntu desktop, they are an important part of Canonical’s convergence process so they will most likely become available starting with Ubuntu 15.10 or Ubuntu 16.04, which should be the first two converged Ubuntu systems, if everything goes as Canonical hopes.



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