Chromium, Google’s Open-Source Browser Has Been Ported To Work On Mir, Via The Wayland Base Code

Hello Linux Geeksters. As you may know, Google’s Chromium open-source browser, which has been ported to work on Wayland via Ozone-Wayland, has been patched to run on Mir, via the Wayland base code. Intel has been very involved to making Chromium work via Wayland, in order to use it on the Tizen IVI.

Recently, Robert Carr from Canonical has made Chromium available via Ozone-Mir, making Chromium available on Unity 8, powered by Mir. Next, Canonical will team up with both Wayland and Chrome engineers, in order to successfully port Chrome and Chromium to work over Mir.

See the below video, for a proof of concept:

via phoronix

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