Cinnamon 2.6 Will Be Systemd-Compatible

Hello Linux Geeksters. As you may know, Debian and Ubuntu have decided both to adopt systemd as the default service manager, as a replacement for the good old sysVinit (Upstart).

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Not long ago, the Linux Mint team has decided to change their release policy and adopt only the LTS versions of Ubuntu, the systems released between to LTSs being only point releases that update the main components. Also, they have moved Linux Mint Debian Edition’s (LMDE) code base from Debian Testing to Debian Stable.

Recently, the developers have announced that they plan to make Cinnamon 2.6 systemd-compatible, making it capable to switch at runtime between systemd and sysVinit.

Cinnamon 2.6 Will Be Systemd-Compatible

This is what Linux Mint’s Clement Lefebvre said in the monthly updates.

“Cinnamon in particular is built without systemd support by default and the development team is planning to change this in version 2.6 to give the DE the ability to switch at runtime between systemd and consolekit/upower without the need to recompile anything. Everything we implemented has been delivered and a new development cycle is starting. After a quick maintenance release on selected projects (muffin, cinnamon, cinnamon-desktop, nemo) we’re ready to switch our Cinnamon labels to 2.5.x, to merge pull requests, to talk about big ideas and to decide what we want to achieve in the next 6 month,”

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