Cinnamon 2.6.x Will Be Added To The Default Repositories Of Linux Mint 17.2 And LMDE 2 In The Next Few Days

Clement Lefebvre, the main developer of Linux Mint, has announced that Cinnamon 2.6.4 will be added to the default repositories of both Linux Mint 17.2 Rafaela and Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) 2.0 Betsy:

“In the next couple of days Cinnamon 2.6 will be released officially and it will then reach the Betsy and Rafaela repositories. Its list of new features will also be announced. I know some people were excited by the new look and feel of the settings when testing it, but there’s much more than initially catches the eye, so we’ll detail all of that,”

Cinnamon 2.6.x is already available for testing via the Romeo (unstable) repository, for Linux Mint 17.1 and LMDE 2, but the developers do not want to hurry up with this, preferring to patch as many bugs as they can, before the DE gets adopted on a large scale.

The are also plans regarding the MATE desktop. The developers have started packaging MATE 1.10 and plan to implement it on both LMDE Betsy and LM Rafaela as soon as its ready.


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