Deactivating Conky On Pinguy OS 12.04

The Pinguy OS 12.04 widget on the right of the screen is called Conky. It gives usefull info, such as CPU usage or RAM usage, but after a while, it gets annoying.

This is how I got rid of it, from the command line interface.

To kill conky, use killall conky:

$ killall -9 conky

Add killall conky to your user’s ~/.bashrc file, to get conky killed when you login:

echo 'killall conky' >> ~/.bashrc

Because I sometimes need it to see my CPU usage or network activity, I created this alias to open conky:

$ alias conky='nohup conky &> /dev/null &'

So, when I type conky, I get a demonized conky. Conky runs in background, independent from the terminal, without giving any output.

To make the alias persistent, add it in the ~/.bashrc file:

$ echo "alias conky='nohup conky &> /dev/null &'" >> ~/.bashrc

For killing conky, I have created this alias:

$ alias killconky='killall -9 conky'

To make the killconky alias persistent, add it to ~/.bashrc:

$ echo "alias killconky='killall -9 conky'" >> ~/.bashrc

So, conky gets killed at login, I type conky to open it and type killconky to kill it.

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