Debian 9.0 Alpha 2 Installer Has Been Released, The Final Version Being Scheduled For 2017

With Debian 8.0 Strech already released, the Debian developers are working at Debian 9.0 Stretch, which is scheduled to arrive in 2017.

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The Debian Installer Stretch Alpha 2 has been released, using 4.1 as the default kernel and including U-boot improvements and other enhancements and optimizations.

As you may already know, Debian 9.0 Stretch fill be replacing Libav with FFmpeg as the default media framework. If you don’t know, both FFmpeg and Libav have the same features, the second being a ffmpeg fork.

With FFmpeg used by default, the main ffmpeg developer has resigned in order to convince the Libav members to reunite with the FFmpeg ones yet again.

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