Deepin 15, Based On Debian Testing, Has Been Released On December 31

As you may already know, Deepin is a free and open-source Linux distribution specially created as an alternative for Ubuntu Kylin, for the Chinese people. The system uses Deepin DE, a GTK-based desktop environment developed by the Deepin team.

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The previous version of the system was based on Ubuntu, but for Deepin 15, released on December 31, 2015, the developers have decided to replace the Ubuntu code-base with Debian Testing.

Deepin 15 brings translations in 30 more languages adds support for migrating Web Apps to deepin via the Crosswalk Project, developed by Intel, brings a new, white theme, a bunch of beautiful wallpapers, new animation effects and sounds, a better window manager, Bluetooth optimizations, an enhanced feedback system, and WPS Office as the default office suite.

Also worth mentioning, the Control Center has been unified with the Dock, the mirror switching and application update features have been added to the Control Center as well and the Deepin Store’s application uninstall function has been implemented in the launcher.

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