Deepin 15 RC Dropped Ubuntu For Debian Sid

Deepin 15 RC has been released yesterday, replacing Ubuntu for Debian Sid as code-base. Among others, it brings user interface updates, a redesigned Deepin desktop, the HTML5 and WebKit frameworks have been replaced, the Compiz window manager has been replaced with Mutter and Metacity, Kernel 4.2 has been implemented by default, Systemd replaced Upstart, GTK 3.18.6, Qt 5.5.1 and GCC 5.3.1 have been added and Bash has replaced Zsh as the system’s default shell.

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The official announcement:

“deepin is a Linux distribution committed to providing an elegant, user-friendly, safe and stable operating system for users all over the world. With one year’s improvement, deepin 15 RC finally comes to you. At the moment of releasing deepin 15 RC, we want to talk with you that how do we make deepin like this,”

Keep in mind that RC versions are pre-release versions and are not suitable for production machines. If you want stability, you should wait for the final version of the system.

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