Dell Laptops With Ubuntu Kylin Preinstalled Available In Over 1000 Chinese Markets

A while ago I was saying that Canonical is in advanced discussions with Dell, for releasing laptops with Ubuntu Kylin preinstalled, in China, in order to become an important player on the chinese OS market.

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Because Ubuntu Kylin 13.04 got over 70.000 downloads in July, Canonical became interested in expansing its popularity in new countries, such as China.

Dell Laptops With UbuntuKylin Preinstalled Available In Over 1000 Chinese Markets

For those who don’t know, Ubuntu Kylin is an Ubuntu version, having the desktop environment written in Chinese and the popular software that the chinese people need, installed by default.

On the 5th of September, the Dell laptops with Ubuntu Kylin 12.04 preinstalled have been already available in more than 1000 stores from China.

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