Denemo 1.0.6 Has Been Released With New Features | Install Denemo 1.0.6 On Linux Systems

As you may know, Denemo is a Linux music notation program that allows the user to “type music” with the PC-Keyboard, played via MIDI or recorded with an external microphone, plugged into the computer. The latest version available is Denemo 1.0.6, which has been released recently.

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According to the official changelog, these are the improvements / fixes brought to the previous version, Denemo 1.0.4:

  • Import MusicXML: Direct import of music XML.
  • Improved Rhythm Entry
  • Dotted rhythms in two keypresses
  • Triplets in three keypresses
  • Slurred versions of these too.
  • Combined Key Signatures
  • Edit or continue seeking: Applies to ornaments, Rehearsal Marks, barlines …
  • Grace Note Hints: works around the long-standing LilyPond “feature”

how to install denemo on linux systems

Because the latest version of Denemo is not available via any repository, the easiest way to use it on the most popular Linux systems, including Ubuntu, Elementary OS, Linux Mint, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Mageia, CentOS and many others is to download the binary file, set execution permissions and run it. Like this:

$ wget -c
$ sudo chmod +x denemo-1.0.6-0.linux-x86
$ ./denemo-1.0.6-0.linux-x86

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