Everybody Can Get A Wooden Skin For He’s Jolla TOH Cover, For Only 25€

Hello Jolla Enthusiasts. As you may know, Jolla is a project developed by former Nokia employees. The first Jolla smartphone is running on Sailfish OS, a modified Megoo Linux system, which is Android compatible, uses Wayland as the default display server , uses Nokia N9′s Maliit touchscreen keyboard and comes with interchangeable covers, allowing the users to easily switch them, in order to change the color/model of the phone and comes with impressive hardware specifications.

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For now, besides the default “The Other Half” cover, the Jolla enthusiasts can order four covers called: The Other Half Keira Black, The Other Half Aloe, Rovio’s Angry Birds Other Half and Makia Clothing Classy Other Half (the last two will become available after the MWC 2014).

Yves Peroun, a Jolla enthusiast has Photoshoped a bunch of Jolla TOH covers made from wood and his idea was take from concept to reality by Lastucase, a Finnish company that creates adhesive mobile cases out of Curly Birch (Visakoivu), a type of wood from the Northen countries.

Everybody Can Get A Wooden Skin For He's Jolla TOH Cover, For Only 25€

According to the developers, the product won’t leave marks on the Jolla phone, after it gets removed. Also, it is not a TOH cover, but a wooden skin that applies on the default cover. The wooden skin can be ordered from here, for 25€.

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