Fedora 19 “Schrödinger’s Cat” Has Been Officially Released

Hello Linux Geeksters. As scheduled, Fedora 19 “Schrödinger’s Cat” has been officially released.

Fedora 19 in four flavours by default, Gnome 3.8.3, KDE 4.10.4, XFCE 4.10.1 and LXDE 0.5.5. Also Mate 1.6.1 and Cinnamon 1.8.1 are available in the default repositories.Fedora 19 As you already know, Fedora is famous for bringing new software and technology to the users. And Fedora 19 makes no exception. It runs on the Linux Kernel 3.9.5, and ships with the following software, by default: PHP 5.5, Ruby 2.0.0, alsa-lib, GCC 4.8.1, httpd 2.4.4, MariaDB 5.5.31, PostgreSQL 9.2.4, Python 2.7.5, Firefox 21.0, the newly created OpenJDK8, Xorg server 1.14.1 and many others.

Among the new features, it brings 3D printing support, from software for creating 3D models, to tools that generate and send code to 3D printers. (For now, Windows 8 only dreams of this). Kernel 3.9.5 also improves the support for the EXT4 and BTRFS filesystems.

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