Fedora 21 Might Use Either GNOME Web Or A Custom Version Of Firefox, Built On GTK+3, As The Default Browser

Hello Linux Geeksters. The Fedora developers are discussing whether to replace Firefox with Gnome Web as the default browser on Fedora 21, due to the fact that the current Mozilla browser is built with GTK+2 and GNOME 3.14 uses GTK+3.

Gnome Web (previously name Epiphany) uses GTK+3, has support for HiDPI displays, provides good integration with Gnome Shell and supports hardware acceleration, while Mozilla’s browser doesn’t.

Due to the fact that Firefox is open-source, some Fedora developers have already started to port Firefox from GTK+2 to GTK+3. If everything goes well, the first GTK+3 based Firefox will be built on the Firefox 32 code base.

But this is only a temporary solution because Firefox will drop GTK+2 and the XServer dependencies soon, so the next browsers should work on Wayland, a new display server developed by Red Hat and sponsored by Intel.

If you want to test Firefox-GTK3 (which is still under development) on your Fedora 20 system, do:

$ wget stransky.fedorapeople.org/FirefoxGtk3/firefox-gtk3-33.0-1.fc20.src.rpm
$ sudo yum localinstall firefox-gtk3-33.0-1.fc20.src.rpm

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