Fedora 22 Has Been Officially Released. Download It Now!

Fedora 22 has been officially released today, in all the official spins: Fedora 22 Workstation, Fedora 22 KDE, Fedora 22 Xfce, Fedora 22 LXDE, Fedora 22 MATE/Compiz, Fedora 22 Design Suite, Fedora 22 Jam KDE, Fedora 22 Games, Fedora 22 Scientific KDE, Fedora 22 Robotics, Fedora 22 Security, Fedora 22 SoaS, and Fedora 22 DVD, all the iso images being available for download, via torrent.

Fedora is a free, open-source operating system developed by a community of developers backed up by the Red Hat Project. The project is developed in three versions: workstation, server and cloud, the workstation version being the flavor for desktops and personal computers.

Highlights for Fedora 22 Workstation:

  • Better notifications. Thanks both to work done in GNOME 3.16 and other projects like the Automatic Bug Reporting Tool (ABRT), notifications keep you better informed, but interfere less with your work. They now appear anchored to the center of the top bar, and no longer cover up the bottom of the screen where you are often reading a terminal or browser. An unobtrusive marker appears in the calendar to let you know you have unread notifications. If ABRT detects a serious bug, a friendly notification appears and allows you to report the bug information, but doesn’t overload you with details. And if you’re a serious Terminal user, longer background jobs now notify you when they’re done, so you can get on with other work and pick up the results when you’re ready.
  • Refined themes. The GNOME Shell and other themes and design are refined and improved. Now you can more easily identify information on the screen, adjust window size and placement, and navigate your files and folders. Improved bridging between desktop environment themes allows apps from other environments like KDE to look and feel more like native apps as they’re updated to take advantage of this feature. Standard scrollbars have been replaced by a minimal, overlaid indicator, while a scrollbar trough is shown when needed. This create a cleaner, less distracting view which helps you focus on window content. These “overlay scrollbars” are also better suited to mouse scroll wheels and touchpad scrolling.
  • Application improvements:
    • Software. The Software app has more and better data than ever before, and makes it easy for you to find a wide variety of useful free software. It also makes keeping your system up to date a snap. The Software app also can install all sorts of extras such as fonts or media helpers.
    • Files. The updated layout in Files gives a better view of your files and folders, and a new view popover makes it easy to change the zoom level and sort order from a single place. You can also now move files and folders to the trash intuitively using the Delete key, rather than the Ctrl+Delete keyboard combination.
    • Image Viewer. The Image Viewer has been redesigned to reduce the amount of window chrome and give more space to images.
    • Boxes. The user interface for Boxes, the application for virtual and remote machines, has a large number of improvements, including new preferences dialogs, a revamped box creation assistant, a feature to send keyboard shortcuts to a box, and display scaling by default.
    • Vagrant. Developers will appreciate the addition of software development environment software Vagrant into Fedora — it’ll work using our included virtualization technology, with no need to install third-party virtualization (like VirtualBox). Use this to work on top of the Cloud images mentioned above, or launch your own Vagrant boxes.

For information about the other versions of Fedora 22, cloud and server, see this article from the Fedora Magazine.

Fedora 22 Has Been Officially Released. Download It Now!

Also worth mentioning, among the new features integrated in Fedora 22 is DNF, which is now the default package manager, replacing Yum. The Fedora team says that DNF consumes less memory, so it should offer better performance when managing packages.

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