Fedora 23 Alpha 1 Has Been Released

AS you may know, Fedora 23 Alpha 1 has been recently released using the under-development version of GNOME 3.18 as default. While the Fedora systems are released with delays very often, the first alpha version landed on time.

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Among others, Fedora 23 is running GNOME 3.18 and brings interesting changes, like improvements for Red Hat’s new Waylnd display server and support for Unicode 8.0. Also, it disables the SSL3 and RC4 by default. The official announcement:

“The Alpha release contains all the exciting features of Fedora 23’s editions in a form that anyone can help test. This testing, guided by the Fedora QA team, helps us target and identify bugs. When these bugs are fixed, we make a Beta release available. A Beta release is code-complete and bears a very strong resemblance to the third and final release. The final release of Fedora 23 is expected in October,”

As a reminder, Fedora 23 stable will be the first Fedora system to bring an official Cinnamon spin.

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